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Solución aislante en persiana de acero modelo Thermika


Insulated rolling shutter steel door solution

Rolling shutter manufactured in steel and aluminum, it is an insulated profile with polyurethane inside it. This allows to the profile a thermal and noise insulation. It is designed to be a silence solution, it is a suitable option for industries in its Steel Option; and for the garages, homes and villas in its Aluminum Option.

Lath Cover: 90 mm
Lath thickness: 0.8 mm y 1 mm
Weight: 10.80 kg./m2 (steel) and 6 kg./m2 (aluminum)
Slats per one meter height: 11 units (steel) and 13 units (aluminum)
Finish: Blind
Material: Galvanized, RAL Powder Coated (aluminum) and RAL 8014 (steel and aluminum)