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Sectional door

Puerta seccional para aplicación residencial


Sectioanl door ideal for residencial areas

Sectional door compensated with springs, with guides on the roof, designed in double panel with polyurethane inside. It is made in steel sheets of 0.5 mm thickness, double wall, with a 40 mm total thickness. Its vertical opening, without external overflowing, silence during the movement and total profit of the space, become the door as a perfect solution for residential garages with reduced spaces. Also, he Industrial Sectional Door is specially appropriated for those factories built with big dimensions on height. There is a wide product range as the chance of including a pedestrian door (service door) inside the Sectional Door, windows inside the panels and a security system of cable rupture.

Total thickness: 40mm
Lenght of the profile:500/610mm
Weight: 10 kg./m2
Finish: Simple and Square
Material: Galvanized, RAL Powder Coated