Products Hinges


T. Hernani offers a complete range of different types of hinges in stainless steel in the required quality, and steel finishes as: Zinc, brass plated, bronzed, lacquered, etc. From book to rustic hinges, hinges piano, spring hinges, security hinges or hinges welding, fixed and turned. In different sizes, with roughly holes with different shaft diameters... Applications are usually very different:

Aplicaciones : Puertas , ventanas , papeleras, taquillas,  maquinaria industrial, armarios, Applications: Doors, windows, bins, lockers, industrial machinery, cupboards, cabinets, etc. 

Sectors: Furnitures company, doors company, household appliances, covers of books, nautical, etc.


Tailored hinges

T. Hernani offers customers the possibility to make special hinges adapted to your needs, under plane, in small or large series. Always made to plans and technical specifications.

Materials: Stainless Steel with Zinc finish, galvanized, brassed, iron, etc., Aluminum

Applications: Hinges trains, railways hinge, hinges for aeronautics, vending machines hinges, hinges for cases, industry hinges, hinges for billiards, cabinet hinge, reinforced hinges, hinges for overhead doors, hinges bodied, marine hinges etc.

Sectors: Aviation industry, railway industry, doors, windows, billiards, vending machines