About us

About us

German-born and created in 192. T. Hernani has always been committed to quality and innovation that has placed it at the level of the leaders in the market for security fences and convert T. HERNANI in one of the benchmarks the sector both nationally and international.


The company has an extensive sales network of distributors, professionals and installers that can offer national and international coverage and ensure optimal service and quality. T. Hernani is present in over 20 countries and 4 continents. 


On this website you will find our range of security shutters for shops, garages, supermarkets, ships and special custom projects.

We manufacture Steel galvanised doors and also stainless steel doors in 2 qualities (AISI 304&AISI 316). We can also produce powder coated doors in the whole Ral menu. Our variety of products and our ability to manage our production line also gave us the opportunity to make microperforated doors with great visibility and also Solid (blind) doors for those customers who are more worried about their security. The Grille is other of our specialities. We can produce it in malle or shell 6&8 mm finition, in galvanized or stainless steel. Also we produce microperforated square shutters, an exclusive profile of our company.

We are able to supply all kind of aluminium doors, in powder coated option, anodised, in methacrylate, in different models: Solid, microperforated, with windows… under the needs and demands of our customers.

Other options are also available as Garage Doors and Sectional Doors.

We also provide to our customers the opportunity to buy rolling shutter complements (by pieces), complete shutters (shaft shutters, locks, guides, pulley and installed motor) or simple shutters (Only the curtain without shaft).

Thanks to our great variety of products, we are specialist in installing shutters in commercial shops who need an exclusive corporative identity: Well Known Companies and Chains, Franchises, Malls...


Quality is one of our strengths and years ago we started to manage and get the CE Certificate that is an obligatory and necessary brand required by the European law UNE-EN 13241. This CE Certificate is a guarantee which defines that all our doors are passing all the quality controls required by the European Union. Every door without this CE brand is a non legal and non secured door and any incidence can produce consequences to the manufacturer, to the installer and to the customer who has bought this door.